Delivering supply, retail and strategy, our three-layered package is the solution for the total management of your club kit.


  • We deliver solutions informed by over 35 years of industry experience
  • We will increase your returns from club retail
  • We underwrite stock to reduce upfront capital investment
  • We are not tied to one brand, enabling us to find the right suppliers for your club
  • We will handle all your supply and retail, allowing you to move your time and focus elsewhere
  • We invest in building close relationships that allow us to get it right for your club
  • We transformed the retail of one of the biggest clubs in the UK, Hibernian FC
  • We have had a close strategic partnership with both Motherwell FC and Dundee FC for over 15 years


We are a team of experts proving there is a right way to manage club kit.

Informed by over 35 years of experience, we operate as a partner, not a supplier. With all our work the product of close relationships, and not the conventional supplier-club arrangement, we provide the best fit solutions, every time.


Alan Provan

I use my experience and network to secure kit deals for our partner clubs with the right footballing brands. I have worked in the Sports Retail Industry since 1994, specialising in Football Merchandise since 2000.

Focus: Making it strategic

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David Provan

Driving more efficient solutions for new and existing customers alike is exactly where I want to be. I am passionate about making things easier. I’ve worked in manufacturing and finance over the last 30 years.

Focus: Making it easy

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Frank Bannigan

Clear communication and attention to detail is my focus when working with customers or partners. I want to get it right for them. Every time. I have 30 years experience in sports retail and teamwear.

Focus: Making it right

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